Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why should I use DirtSeek?

  • Here at we bring together those looking for excess materials including fill dirt, topsoil, clay among many others and those looking to get rid of them. DirtSeek is not your average site where you have to pay for its services, we never ask for a credit card and we are 100% free to use.
  • What is the difference between Import and Export?

    • Import – I need material.
    • Export – I have material.
    • Pit – I have a permanent location to sell material.
  • Is it worth making a post if there are no other postings near me?

  • Yes. Making a post in an area with no other postings does not mean that you won’t get the most out of the site. Users do not always make postings, they use the site to call or email listings when they are in that area.
  • What if I want to make edits, delete, or renew my posting?

  • After making your post you will receive an email that gives you access to your post. This email will include a link that allows you to make edits, delete, or renew your posting. Should you lose that email, please contacts us at and we will resend you the original email.
  • How long is my posting active?

  • Your posting is active for 60 days. One week before your posting expires you will receive an email that will give you the option to renew, make edits, or to delete the post.
  • I want to advertise on DirtSeek, how do I find out more?

  • If you would like to discuss advertising on the site, please reach out to one of our representatives at (248) 397-4200 or by email at
  • I signed up on DirtSeek, now what?

  • After signing up with DirtSeek you will receive a weekly update containing all the new postings in your area.
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